Hand processed
homemade delicacies!
  • Preserved in less than 24 hours from harvesting.
  • Manual processing with hand chopping, not utilizing mixers which can change the structure and taste of the vegetables.
  • Fresh and 100% naturally ripened vegetables.
  • According to traditional local recipes passed down through generations.
  • Infused in extra virgin olive oil.
  • Free of preservatives, artificial flavors and additives.
  • We constantly supplement and adapt the assortment according to what nature gives us in each season in the Vipava Valley.

About us

Od kje navdih - maqfino.si

Where did the
Inspiration come from?

We are Irena and Denis, who by hand processing homemade delicacies, offer them to everyone who appreciates natural, healthy and tasty food. We are both sworn gourmets, so we were looking for a business opportunity in this field.

In the house where we live, Irena's father Tomaž was always preserving and pickling something and everything was delicious. The shelves in the basement were full of his jarred goodies. Over the years, he gave up this hobby and the jars began to run out. One day we were craving eggplants, but there were no more. And that's when we tried to make them ourselves for the first time, of course, exactly the same as Tomo's recipe. We worked with three kg of raw eggplant for two days and made 6 jars. Our friends emptied them in one evening and when they told us that they would be happy to buy such preserved local vegetables, but they had nowhere to get them - it made us think. We knew that there were no similar products on the local market.

Zakaj maQfino? - maqfino.si


The name suggested itself to us one evening in the company of friends over a glass of wine and tasting the first samples, where we repeatedly heard: "ma ku fino", "FINO!" I guess this needs a little more explaining. You see, we live by the Italian border so there are quite a few Italian words and expressions mixed in our dialect. ”Ma” is quite ubiquitous in Italian language and it mainly means “but”.”Fino” is a word denoting something good and delicious, and “Q” is pronounced “ku” in our language and it means how, so “ma ku fino” translates into “but how good this is!” And this is how the maQfino brand was born, where "ma" also represents the beginning of our last name Marušič, "Q" stands for quality, because our products contain only first-class vegetables, and "fino" because great is what we do.

Denis quit his job and the maQfino story was born.

Kam naprej - maqfino.si

to next?

For us, the maQfino story has only just begun. Full of momentum, exploring flavors and techniques on our travels and with the help of our daughter Mia and son Ian, we move forward with determination. We started selling at boutique fairs, where we got to know our customers well and appreciated their honest responses, which we still always carefully consider and try to take them into account. We will always welcome all constructive criticism, suggestions and business cooperation. Even if at times production can get overwhelming, we know that because we work with our heart and with the knowledge we have, a successful path of maQfino experiences awaits us.

Where can you find

our prodcuts?

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Presentation of the company in the TV show People and their land.

We presented our activity in the November issue of Naša žena magazine.